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There’s been a lot of talk lately about Gale’s role in the series, much of it stemming from a Gale-heavy teaser trailer.  I’ve been seeing a lot of references to Gale’s heroism, as well as comments praising him as the true revolutionary or rebel.  It’s almost as if the character is being romanticized by some, and I think that’s diminishing or ignoring what I feel is his real purpose in the series, which is to serve as a cautionary tale.

See, Gale Hawthorne definitely isn’t just another side in a perceived love triangle.  To me, he’s a personification of a side in the war in a series that ultimately condemns war.

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: Hey. You're not a burden. Never apologize. I hope and pray you find peace and strength at this time. Take care of yourself. <3

Thank you. It really does help to hear support and stories from people who know what it’s like to feel this way. I never understood that before about reaching out on here when you’re feeling really desperate, because it’s not like your followers are therapists or anything and can actually help you. But now I understand that that’s not what it’s about. Just knowing you’re not alone and have people thinking about you means a lot.

I’m just sorry to everyone who wants to enjoy their tumblr escapism free of my emotional spirals. I’m stepping away for awhile now, though.

Thank you to everyone who has been here for me in the last couple days. I really, really appreciate it and I hope to return your messages soon. 


Thank you to everyone who reached out to me when they saw my post the other night. I took it down like two minutes after making it but some still saw and messaged me, so thank you for just letting me know you’re there.

I have a lot of anxiety over going back into work and what it will be like, and I’m not dealing with it very well. I’m trying really hard to be strong for my daughter because when she sees me cry, she hugs me and rubs my back and says it will be okay, and I hate that she has to comfort me. I fear getting to the point where I feel like she’s better off without me. Those kinds of thoughts sneak up sometimes and I know it can lead to very bad things.

I’ve had a lot going on this year and I haven’t been open about most things with anyone because I’m still trying to get a grasp on everything. I feel like I’m annoying when I do anything, I feel like I’m isolated when I don’t, and so either way I feel awful. 

This blog will now be used for only fic related things (I have to still write fics because I need something to help escape sometimes) but I don’t plan on refollowing any other blogs.

I don’t know what I’m trying to say. I’m sorry, I can’t think straight. I’m also sorry for being  a burden, and I understand unfollowing me.

: That last drabble was perfect! So wonderful girl. Goodness I hope you hang onto it and we would all be so very lucky if you added to it one day. (this is just me tiptoeing around the urge to flat out beg you to continue it but I am attempting self control) Hope you have a lovely day and weekend. <3

Hey beauty! Thank you. I’ve got ideas for four more follow up drabbles that give snapshots of the following three years. When the mood strikes (and after I update some other stuff that needs my attention first), I’ll finish them up and start posting them here. 

I hope you have a great weekend, too. Thanks for the sweet messages and encouragement. Means a lot. <3

: Your drabble was perfection! Seriously, such an intriguing little thing with so many feels!

Thank you! <3

I was tagged by neophytehgfan for the Everlark Drabble Challenge with the prompt: “I wanted it to be you.” Sorry it’s so late, and thank you for tagging me. :)

She’s 20 minutes early and more nervous than she’s ever been about anything as she waits for Peeta at their favorite restaurant. The speech, the question, is memorized. Her plans are in motion. She just needs a yes.

When she called and asked him to meet her tonight, he agreed as eagerly as ever, then nervously stammered about wanting to ask her something as well. Now she’s all but forgotten that as every imaginable scenario plays in her head while she smooths out her napkin and tries not to stare at her watch again.

He shows up five minutes later, a beatific smile on his handsome face as he greets her with a soft kiss on the cheek. She chides herself for being so anxious; this is Peeta, her best friend.

After they talk about their day and order food that Katniss is too flustered to eat, he asks what it is she wanted to discuss with him. She breathes in deep before looking him dead on and calmly stating her well-rehearsed line:

"Peeta, I want a baby."

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: Blowout was amazing. I can't wait for more. Moonshine hurt me so good. Blah blah, I'm sure you hear it all the time because you're amazing and SHOULD hear it all the damn time. BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT NO SLEEP! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU???? I actually went into reddit and read the story+other threads and freaking couldn't sleep. Thanks for that. Jerk. (j/k, you're not a jerk. Not kidding about the sleep thing though) Aptly named fic. I really liked how you tried something different. Well done :)

Thank you thank you! I like experimenting with fics so I’m glad you liked that it was different. I never thought I’d write something where one half of my OTP is dead, but the story got in my head and it was something I wanted to do. It felt like it fit with Peeta’s hijacking in a way, not sure what was real and not real and the whole mental breakdown that goes with that. It also helped me cope with some stuff in a weird way because I’ve been going through a rough patch lately and it was a good outlet.

I really appreciate that you read all my fics and took the time to let me know you liked them. Even if it might not seem like much, any messages like these help me immensely right now, so I sincerely thank you for that. <3

: After reading No Sleep (which was fantastic), I checked out the Reddit thread. Oh why oh why did I do that. That messed me up so bad. Whyyy Annie D:

See, I didn’t think it was super scary, but I have a really high horror tolerance, lol. I’m glad you found it scary, tho. Its fun to be freaked out like that! I wish more stuff creeped me out.

: Blowout was amazing I can't wait to read the second part!

Thank you! I’ ll try to finish it up asap.

: I absolutely LOVE chemistry, and I was wondering if you knew when you'd update!

I don’t have any plans to update that, I’m sorry. :(