Will someone please write me a Clueless inspired Everlark?  I don’t even care how OCC it may be at times, okay?  I need this.

Katniss can be the spoiled daughter of a successful and rich doctor.  Peeta  is her ex-step brother who still hangs around too much because his father’s new wife is abusive.  

And Gale can be Dionne, I guess.

  1. beyonceofpanem said: Someone please write this
  2. anywaysrainydays said: Gale as Dionne, OMG, LOLz. :)
  3. alonglineofbread said: I didn’t even realize how badly I needed this.
  4. fuckingplebe said: OMG I totally was thinking about this too when I was watching it earlier! lol
  5. absnow said: Ahhhhhhhhhh! I was watching it too!
  6. mellarksloaves said: Gale and Dionne is cracking me up!
  7. mitchesbcray said: Right? Right?!?
  8. createourownlight said: I’ve never actually seen Clueless. (I feel like I can confess this, because you’ve never seen Star Wars.)
  9. famousfremus said: YES!!! I’ve been wanting this for so long also!!
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