To Whiskeysnarker

We  no longer follow each other to send this in a fanmail, and it’s too long for an ask, so this is being posted on my tumblr.

I saw your PiP post reblogged on my dash.  Had a hard time believing anyone would purposefully write this:

and rather than artificially forcing writers to make it be about Everlark when it doesn’t necessarily fit, let them focus that fic on Haymitch, Madge, or Finnick.

But obviously you did.  No one is being artificially forced into participating in anything like this, so I find your insinuation problematic and usound, but that’s not the point.

The point is that I’m tired of this fandom drama and division, and I personally find that you, msdisdain and angylinni (I would tag them in this post, too, but it seems they have new urls), and a few others are the ones that feel incessant need to instigate it.  Wording is key when opening up a dialogue, and I think a select few always choose to go on the attack rather than speak thoughtfully.  It’s getting a lot of people in fandom down.

I think that you and anyone else should always feel free to coordinate any type of fandom project you desire.  You should totally make one that’s non-Everlark!  

I would not be participating in it, however.  You see, I will happily write for PiP, now on its third round, because I support Jessa’s hard work and genuinely enjoy it.  She does not publicly air private drama; she also does not hurl hurtful accusations at participants, or purposefully incite anger in others when problems arise (which they do with all fandom projects).  These were issues I personally had with the last two exchanges angylinni ran.  

Also, there are rules to minimize chaos, but the loose structure allows for fun and creativity, which is another draw.  This is an issue I had personally with your SSS, which I also no longer participate in.

You see, when I have personal problems with the exchange or project, I just don’t participate!  I also don’t publicly bemoan it, undermining the moderator’s time and efforts.

I wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose to do with this fandom, but I personally ask that you and the others stop trying to cause issues where there are none.  PiP is a wonderful thing and it does not need to be marred by your negativity.

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